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St. James Coffee @ Rochester posted on Tue, Apr 11

Apply until: 2017-06-01

St. James Coffee is in the process of hiring six different part-time staff members, each with their own area of responsibility. At this time we are looking for people able to work 5-10 hours/week in the area of $10-$20/hr.

The six jobs include:

  • Team Director ensures its staff and volunteers are working within and engaging the vision of St. James Coffee while striving to successfully accomplish its initiatives. The Team Director gets to be involved in most every area of St. James Coffee from administration to ministry, etc…
  • Business Manager ensures that the coffee house is operating efficiently so St. James Coffee can effectively work towards its vision and achieve its initiatives.
  • Volunteer Coordinator recruits, trains, schedules, and manages volunteers.
  • Development Coordinator focuses on developing and maintaining relationships with sponsors and donors, coordinating fundraising opportunities, and reaching out to local community members and organizations on behalf of St. James Coffee.
  • Events/Programs Coordinator develops and carries out various events and programs in line with the vision and initiatives of St. James Coffee.
  • Evangelization Coordinator develops and carries out various initiatives aimed at sharing the Gospel with the local community by utilizing St. James Coffee’s space, products (including events/programs) and hospitality.

Please email a cover letter detailing your desire to work for St. James Coffee including why you think you would be a good fit along with your resume to jobs@stjamescoffee.com.

About St. James Coffee

St. James Coffee is a local non-profit coffee house that works in collaboration with the Rochester area parishes and the Diocese of Winona. We like to say that it is a unique response to the Church’s call of the New Evangelization in that it brings the Church into the the world and into the everyday lives of its customers and the local community. It is a place where people encounter Jesus Christ through its products (including various events) and the hospitality of its volunteers and staff.

St. James Coffee is celebrating its fifth year of existence this summer! We are located across the street from Pax Christi Catholic Church in Northwest Rochester. St. James Coffee serves an average of 100 customers a day Monday-Saturday. People from all over the community make us their regular coffee stop. We love it when people come to study, work, meet with others, bring their children, etc… There is no other ministry in the Church, that we know of, where one encounters more people from a variety of backgrounds on a more consistent basis.

For detailed job descriptions visit our website at www.stjamescoffee.com/jobs