MCCL Life Leadership Camp

9:00 a

Life Leadership Camp will provide four days of pro-life education and training in order to equip students to be knowledgeable and effective pro-life advocates and leaders. The camp is part of the Life & Leadership Camps Initiative, a nationwide pro-life program developed by National Right to Life, Louisiana Right to Life and Wisconsin Right to Life.

Life Leadership Camp will cover the full spectrum of right-to-life issues—including abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide—and include instruction, workshops and fun outdoor activities. Students will network with other pro-life teens from across the state and acquire the tools to be pro-life leaders at their schools.

The camp is open to students in grades 9-12. Suggested donation of $75 covers meals, accommodations, materials and a T-shirt. Register by visiting MCCL's web site and filling out the registration forms.