Feedback Wanted on Magazine Prototype

12:00 a

Our diocesan newspaper, The Courier, seeks parishioner feedback as we consider a transition to a magazine format heavily focused on catechesis, evangelization, and inspirational witness stories from parishioners right here in our diocese. Please take a moment to view the online prototype of this magazine, which we have been calling The Disciple, here. After you've taken a look, email Associate Editor Nick Reller ( with your age, parish, and feedback on the prototype. What do you like? What is it missing? If you currently read The Courier, please say so, and tell us how the new format compares. Finally, if you belong to a parish or diocesan group that would be interested in holding a focus group (of about 20 people) regarding this prototype, please let us know. We plan to gather feedback through the month of July.

As you read, please keep in mind that while the prototype shows a lot of sample material, a real issue of The Disciple would feature primarily stories and columns from the Diocese of Winona.